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It is time to begin to write our camp notes to our children and youth going to Glen Lake Camp this summer. Below is the list and due date to have the letters to Patricia or Carol. Get creative, send them a riddle, a silly story, a devotional, or just a reminder that God loves them. Mail is very important to all campers.

June 12-17th Campers

Mail due by June 5th

Francisco Piacasso

Ian Gill

Gizelle Piacasso

Susie Whitley

Zach Whitley

Maleigha Brazell

Malik Brazell

Malachi Brazell

July 3-8th Campers

Mail due by June 27th

Kyle Gill

Guadalupe Piacasso

Da'Quavion Brazell

Rashawd Early

Jar of Blessings

Prayer Requests


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