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“Church people think about how to get people into the church;

Kingdom people think about how to get the church into the world.

Church people worry that the world might change the church;

Kingdom people work to see the church change the world”

-Howard Synder

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Valentine’s Day !


By: Joanna Fuchs

Lent 2021 is Near!

What does this mean?


Lent is a season in the church when all are called to “return to the Lord with our whole heart”! It is a time where we examine our hearts in the light of the resurrection.  For some, it is a time to “give up” something. (a food, a habit, an addiction, or time spent unrelated to the Christian walk)  This  “giving up”  may  lead all to the taking on of that “something new”! It can bring new and fresh experiences into our lives as disciples. This “something new” may result in taking on new health habits, more time spent in prayerful thought through Bible readings , devotionals, reading books, watching Christian movies,  listening to inspirational music, or even sending  phone/letter/text messages related to spiritual encouragement. I am sure you can add to the list!

         LENT calls for a change to come into our lives that we live as disciples of the Risen Lord! I would challenge you to use your time to grow, try out new spiritual tools, sort through the ones that fit , and discover, just as the women did when they found the tomb empty….a surprise!  Their surprise was not immediate.  It was later they realized their focus with the presence of Jesus’ absence, had return to the world, their old ways.  But when His very presence stood before them and the disciples, their hearts returned to all His teachings as  He had promised!  This is our season to return our hearts to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior by strengthening our spiritual health. I encourage you to faithfully and daily read the devotional book provided in this mailing. Within this book, you will find a scripture (take your own bible and look it up in addition to  reading it in print) and  memorize the prayer at the end of the writing by repeating it throughout the day !  Let God enter into your heart with new habits to grow in your discipleship walk for the year ahead.

The Prayer Cube will receive your Lenten Offering. The amount you drop into the cube does not matter, what matter is that it draws your attention to “others”.  This year our Finance Committee has selected three ministries : Glen Lake Camp, Jesus Love and Hope Mission in Killeen, and Nolanville Faith Outreach Clinic. You are asked to bring your Lenten  offering to Easter Worship on April 4.  The cube has two sides, one for Lent and one for after Easter.  BE mindful to fold one side (purple) together for Lent , and then after Easter, unfold it and refold to the red side. This red side will then become your Home Blessing Jar. You can bring your Blessing Jar offering to worship at any time.  Our Blessing Jar each Sunday supports our Angel Tree Gifts at Christmas to the Community, and our Campers to Glen Lake each summer.


Lenten Activities need volunteers and donated items. Carol Garelick is asking all who would like to help with the Egg projects she has planned, (we have 5,000 eggs donated by Walmart to fill) to donate candy!  We will be Egging the children,  youth and seniors with surprise bags for Easter that will be hung on their doors. AND we will be filling lots of eggs (3,000 plus) for the community wide Easter Egg Hunt in the Nolanville City Park. And all she needs is wrapped candy items that will fit inside the eggs. Bring your donations to church on Sunday or drop them by the church anytime before March 21, 2021.  It you would like to volunteer to fill the eggs the week of March 21, just contact Carol Garelick at 804-398-0861!


Lenten Yard Signs:  Please put your purple Easter Sign out in your yard on February 17, 2021 and let it encourage your neighbors to join us in celebrating Easter.  If you do not have the yard sign, let Patricia know and she will get one to you. 


Lenten Fish Fry on April 2, 2021 from 5-7 PM  this is our opportunity to reach out to the community, serve a good meal and keep our social distancing while socializing! This is a ministry to the community  that allows  us to be a community of   faith, that grows relationships and demonstrates hospitality  to  neighbors.


Lent is a time to reach others for Christ,  share the good news….that is what DISCIPLES DO !

Check out the Events Page to see more upcoming activities for Lent!


I'd like to start out the announcements with an update on the Nolanville Food Pantry. Mary ​Fae has recently stepped down as Director of the food pantry, and Norma Butler has come in as Interim Director.

Thank you for your 25+ years of service and dedication to the local community, Mary Fae. Your hard work has been a huge blessing to the community and many have seen Christ through you and your actions. We all appreciate you and thank you for your kindness and generosity throughout the years. 

We would also like to welcome Norma Butler as the Interim Director of the Food Pantry. We pray that she continues to serve the community through the hands of Christ, by demonstrating God's love and kindness through the Food Pantry.




Lent is coming. Please visit this link to see Pastor Warden's blog post on it.

Check out the new Church Community page for updates on other activities in the church, such as the upcoming youth summer camp, where we ask for prayers for each child.

Our Worship Page has been updated with the upcoming sermons for Easter-time. Please take a look so you can see what's coming.

Also check out our Events Page to see updates on all the events coming up soon!

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To honor and protect God’s children in our trusting care, Nolanville FUMC is a ​Ministry Safe congregation.



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